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Conte Art Crayon

Conte art is often created in conjunction with graphite or charcoal, as pictured above.What is conte?Frequently used for sketching and outlines, conte crayons, or conte sticks, are a mix of graphite or charcoal and wax or clay. This makes the medium waxier than soft pastels, and makes them suitable for more detailed work than drawing with pastels generally allows.
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Art History

Two-Minute Art History: Niki de Saint Phalle and Her Serious Frivolity

IN NIKI DE SAINT PHALLE’S HANDS, PLAYFULNESS ITSELF COULD BE A RADICAL TOOL…Plenty of modern artists have been gifted with a flair for the dramatic, and Niki de Saint Phalle (1930–2002) could hold her own with the best of them. The French sculptor and multidisciplinary artist created a brightly colored cast of characters over the course of her long career, and both she and her work possessed an unmistakably theatrical energy.
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Techniques and Tips

Techniques for Narrative Art: Painting with Meaning

Carrie Robles shows how she builds a narrative portrait from the ground up, step-by-step.My narrative art is often a mix of ideas, reference and invention. In order to break it down step-by-step below, I approached At Aurora’s Edge (oil, 30 x 40) pretty carefully with the indirect method of painting a grisaille first.
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The Artist Life

The Holiday Sweepstakes Is Here!

The holidays are always a special time, but we are here to make them extra special for artists with the Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes! Its 17 days of prizes from the leading providers of art supplies and services, and all you do is enter the sweepstakes on the day your favorite prize is being rewarded!
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Find Your Art Subject

Beautiful DIY Bowls Make Today with Paper Clay

Paper clay is a wonderful medium to use for DIY bowls and with the proper techniques, the end results resemble fired clay in appearance. While you can’t eat off of these DIY bowls, you can use them as trinket trays or simply display them empty for the beautiful works of art they are. I know I’m going to keep them in mind for handmade gifts, as well!
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